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The Story of How Paynter Family Organic Farm Came to Be...

We, Dave and Kathy, both had grandparents that farmed in this area.  We were fortunate to learn from them how to take care of the soil and enjoy the close family farm atmosphere.

          We were married in 1984 and bought a tractor, some equipment and some land.  In 1988 we had the opportunity to buy the farm where we currently live.  We started farming conventionally but switched to organic farming in 1996.  Currently our grains, which consist of corn, soybeans, wheat, spelts, oats, clover seed, rye and barley, and cover crops are certified organic by Global Organic Alliance (GOA).

          We have been selling organic-fed freezer beef for over 20 years.  We have been selling organic-fed freezer pork for many years as well.  Our son Aaron is involved with the pork operation.  Our son Adam leads our poultry operation and has been selling organically raised poultry for over 10 years. 

          Five children, two daughter-in-laws, two son-in-laws, seven granddaughters and nine grandsons later, we are all involved with selling our organic-fed beef, pork and chicken at the Farmer’s Markets in Bucyrus, Crestline, and Mansfield.  We have enjoyed meeting new people each year, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with our organic-fed beef, pork, chicken, and turkey for many years to come.

          This truly has become a family farm business.  Everyone contributes their talents to our family farm. We feel very blessed with our family and are proud that they all want to be a part of the organic farming business that was started so many years ago.

Your stop for organic meat products in North Central Ohio

Call 9am-5pm to arrange a time for meat pick-up


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