Some of our mother cattle here on the home farm
Some of our organic fed hogs
Our chicken pens that we move each day to fresh pasture grass
Our Thanksgiving turkeys
As organic farmers, we cannot use spray(pesticides) to kill the weeds so we cultivate each field numerous times a year. It takes longer, but well worth it to have organic grains to feed our animals.
Round baling
In order to feed our cattle year round, we utilize our round baler during the summer. Bales are kept and then fed during the winter when the pasture is unusable. Grain is also supplemented during the winter for proper nutrition.
Working ground
This is a picture of ground being tilled up and prepared for planting Spring 2015
Farmer's Markets
We are at the Crestline and Bucyrus Community Markets from May-October each year
The Family!
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Address: 7950 Oldfield Road Crestline, Ohio 44827


Phone: 419-683-3961

Grains and Chickens Certified Organic

Global Organic Alliance

Bellefontaine, Ohio

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Beef, Pork, and Turkey

Fed Certified Organic pastures and grain