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Our Farm

Unloading grain(corn) Fall 2015

Our farm is located in rural Crestline, Ohio in Crawford county. We raise many different crops as well as beef, chicken, turkeys, and pork. We take pride in being a small family farm. This enables us to get to know our customers, and to provide them with the highest quality products possible.

Our Organic farm with organic fed beef for sale

Our Animals 

Our organic fed beef
We have certified organic chickens for sale during the summer
We also sell certified organic Thanksgiving turkeys in the Fall

We take pride in how we raise and treat our animals. Whenever possible we have our animals out on pasture with sunshine and fresh air. During the cold winter months, our animals are housed in the barns and given hay and straw along with grains. All of our animals have access to fresh, clean water at all times as well. We believe in treating our animals in the very best way.

Your stop for organic meat products in North Central Ohio

Call 9am-5pm to arrange a time for meat pick-up


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