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What it Takes to be a Certified Organic Chicken.

Organic, "all-natural", "chemical-free". With all of the labels today, it is hard to know what they really mean or what standards back them up. This week's update is going to give you an inside look at our certified organic chicken methods and the requirements we must meet to maintain certification. First, we pick up the chickens from Eagle's Next Hatchery in Oceola, Ohio. We have done business through our trusted friends at Eagle's Nest for over 15 years. Upon picking them up, we also get a signed slip noting they were hatched the day we pick them up(certification requirement). After getting to our farm the chicks are placed in small pens with heat lamps. After they are mature enough (and the weather cooperates), they are transferred to larger pens that are outside on clover/grass pasture. They are fed a mixture of grains, ground on our farm (click on pictures below to learn more). They are moved to fresh grass each day. After roughly eight weeks, they are then gently put in the chicken crates(allowing plenty of room to move), and we drive them down near Baltic, Ohio to Pleasant Valley Poultry Processing (a state inspected, certified organic processing facility). After processed, we load the meat into iced down coolers and drive back home, where we meet our appreciated customers at our farm to distribute the pre-ordered chickens. We also take the chicken products (patties, bratwurst, and sausage) to the area markets when available. Check out the following pictures and videos to find out more!

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