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Paynter Family Organic Farm 2024 Spring Newsletter

Greetings to all of our loyal supporters,

We wanted to reach out with an update on all things happening at our farm, and also to thank you for your continued support of our family farm. There is a lot of information among these pages to keep you up to date and informed of our updates and offerings! Additionally, don’t miss out on our upcoming farm tour event April 6th! See below for details. 

2023 Overview:

We are very thankful for the year we had. We continued to be a local vendor at the Bucyrus and Crestline farmers markets. We also started going to the Mansfield North End farmers market. We met many new friends at the farmers markets. We donated and supported various local causes. We also had our first farm event (chicken beak dipping in March at our Shelby location). Our livestock operations grew as we raised and sold nearly 20 cows, over 600 chickens, 65 Thanksgiving turkeys, and 15 hogs. We began taking card payments on Square to allow greater flexibility to purchase our goods. We once again added new mom cows to our herd to help meet increased demands. We continue to improve our farming methods to work with nature and its wonderful processes.  All of our grains are certified organic. Our pork and beef are born and raised on our farm and fed our organic grains and hays. Our poultry come to the farm as day old chicks and poults and are fed our organic grains and raised on pasture when weather allows. Our entire family and all the grandkids (16 of them) continue to help out on the farm.


Don’t miss out on our exciting event April 6th from 9am-3pm as part of the Crawford County Total Eclipse Weekend Farm Hop event! Please take note of the address change for our event. We will be down the road at our red beef barn located at 7633 Krichbaum Rd. Crestline OH 44827. We will be giving tours of our organic-fed beef cattle operation there as well as sharing  information on our organic farming practices and the products we offer. We hope to have some of our pigs and chickens there that day as well. We will have our farmers market trailer with a full supply of our pastured pork as well as many beef and chicken products. We look forward to participating in this fun and unique event. We are excited for our supporters to be able to stop out and see everything for themselves.

2024 Updates:

  • Farmer markets: We will be at the Bucyrus and Crestline Farmers markets from May to October. We will once again be at the Mansfield North End Farmers market from June to September.

  • Grain production: We will be growing wheat, rye, barley, hay, clover seed, corn, soybeans, and sunflowers on our farm fields. Did you know organic farms are required to have a diverse crop rotation as opposed to many conventional farmers, who rely on buying chemical and natural inputs while raising corn and soybean year after year? We truly are #FarmingWithNatureToPreserveTheFuture

  • Freezer meat price updates: Last year we changed our prices for freezer meat from live weight to hanging weight in order to be more consistent with other farms. We researched and collected our own data to determine the hanging weight price point needed to continue to raise and sell our animals, while maintaining the ability to grow our farm to meet the current demands. In order to achieve this, our 2024 prices for hanging weight are $2.00/lb for pork and $4.25/lb for beef. Processing is not included in this price.

  • Animals: Our animals are all organic-fed, meaning they are fed our certified organic grains, organic minerals (unable to be raised on our farm), and given outdoor access in the form of pastures. Organic grains are not allowed to be genetically modified (GMO) or to ever have chemical sprays used on them. The transparency of growing all our feeds for our animals means you know exactly what you are feeding yourself and your loved ones when you buy from us!

  • Beef: Our freezer beef return customer list is very long. We continue to try to increase our herd and management techniques in order to meet the increased demand. Estimate for a ¼ beef is $640 for the ¼ meat and $150 for the processing. We sell beef in whole, half and quarters of the whole cow. Are you interested in freezer beef? If so please call or text Amanda (330-304-6261) to get on the “interest list” so that we can try to get you in the coming years. There is no guarantee for new customers.

  • Pork: Our freezer pork also has a long return customer list and continues to grow since we made the exciting switch to pastured pork. We are excited that our freezer pork is all Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP) and that they are not only delicious, but they are raised with nature compared to confined pigs, and as a result have an increase in healthy fats. Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP) are a grazing breed that is a mix of Duroc, Berkshire, and Kunekune. They are known for being gentle, good-natured pigs that make good mothers and produce nicely marbled, redder meat. They are more compact in size and typically hit their butcher weight at about 10 months. They are primarily grass fed but do receive necessary minerals through a grain-based feed as well. Did you know that if a pig doesn’t receive the minerals it needs, it will root in the ground to find them? IPP also have cute upturned noses that make them perfect for grazing and little waddles hanging from their chins. The meat from grass-fed pigs is higher in omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also more marbleized than traditional grown pork, with a deep red color and a sweeter flavor. We send our pigs out when at around 250-300lbs live weight (roughly 200 lbs. hanging weight). Estimate for a whole hog is $400 for the meat and an additional $350-400 for processing paid to the butcher. We sell pork in half and whole portions. Are you interested in freezer pork? If so please call or text Amanda (330-304-6261) to get on the “interest list” so that we can try to  get you in the coming months/years. There is no guarantee for new customers. 

  • Chicken: We plan to raise over 700 broiler chickens this year. Chicken will be sold at $4.75/lb. processed weight. Last year we sold many “freezer bundles” that saved customers money by purchasing in bulk and it was a hit for those taking advantage of it. This summer we will offer a bulk chicken deal: 10% off orders of $300 and 13% off orders of $500 or more. These must be ordered ahead of time and then a pickup time will be scheduled. Just tell us what you would like and what products sound best and we will put together a bundle for your price range. See our product list on the last page to help create your own chicken bundle. Call or text Adam (419-632-5970) and reserve yours today. They will sell out so order soon!

  • Turkeys: We will once again raise Thanksgiving turkeys that will be available for pickup from our farm on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Turkeys will be fresh and cost $4.75/lb. which covers all processing. We will only offer whole turkeys this year so if you need a smaller one then please order early and note your preference. Turkeys usually range 14-22lbs. Contact Adam (419-632-5970) to reserve yours today.

  • Organic eggs: We currently have 20 layers and occasionally have excess eggs we sell from the farm. We will  have 10 more hens laying by early August to be able to have more egg availability. Eggs are $5/dozen when available. Contact Adam (419-632-5970) for info.

  • Thank you so much for your support of our family farm. We love what we do and we love the people we work for. We look forward to continuing to “Work with Nature to Preserve the Future” as we share what God has given us, with all those around us.  

  • Contacts: Amanda at 330-304-6261 (Beef and Pork), Adam 419-632-5970 (Poultry/Eggs), Dave/Kathy 419-683-3961 (Farm Questions).  

Find us at these Farmer’s Markets!! 

  • Crestline Farmer’s markets will run from May to October, every Tuesday from 3-6PM at 202. N Thoman St, Crestline, OH 44827.

  • Bucyrus Farmer’s markets will run from May to October, every Saturday from 8:30am-Noon at Family Farm and Home Parking Lot 2460 E. Mansfield St. Bucyrus, OH 44820.

  • Mansfield North End Farmer’s markets, running from June to September, every Thursday from 4-7PM at 311 Bowman Street. This is an up-and-coming market that we are really excited about. 



Product List for 2024 Farmer’s Markets (subject to availability and change)




Bulk Ground Whole Beef


Whole Beef Patties (5 patties)


Beef Kabobs


Rib Steak


Porterhouse Steak


Shredded Beef- ready to eat (1lb pack)



Hotdogs 1.3lb pack (10 links)


Thick-Sliced Bologna (4 slices)



Bulk Ground Whole Pork Salt Pepper Sausage


Pork Sausage Salt Pepper Sage Patties (5 patties)


Pork Sparerib Boneless Patties (3 patty/pack)


Shredded Pork- ready to eat (1lb pack)


Pork Bratwurst (6 large links in 1.6lb pack)


Sweet Italian Pork Sausage (6 large links in 1.6lb pack)


Pork Lard (1lb container)


CHICKEN ($4.75/lb whole chickens), avg 5-6lbs each.

Bulk Ground Chicken


Chicken Patties (4 patties, 1.3lb packs)


Maple Sausage (8 small links)


Sweet Italian Chicken Bratwurst (4 links)


Chorizo Sausage (4 links)


Wings (10/pack, approx. 2.5lb packs)


Boneless/Skinless Breasts (approx. 1.5lb packs)


Drumsticks (4/pack)


Thighs (2/pack)


Organic Eggs (when available, by request)


Chicken Bones (5lb packs)


Turkeys ($4.75/lb) fresh Nov. 26th (14-20lbs)

Reserve yours today.

Ground Turkey


Turkey Bratwurst


Turkey Apple Maple Sausage (8 small links)


Other: Giblets, Beef and Pork Liver, dog bones 

Available with request and deposit. 


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