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Our Organic Fed Beef Now on Pasture

Early last week we were able to finally get our beef cattle out on pasture. The rain held us back a little, but the cows are now out and enjoying the fresh grass! The cattle at our home farm are out on a few acres. We move the fencing every few days to give them fresh clover grass. This also enables the pasture time to mature and grow back up before the cows make it back around to that exact spot.

The steers and heifers down the road at our "other barn" are the beef cows that we market and sell. These are on a small lot of clover grass and moved each day to a new plot. This was a process that we used last year to maximize the nutrition for the cows as well as the overall health and longevity of the pasture. During this time, there is no need to supplement the cows with grain of any kind, just a round bale of hay or straw to permit comfortable bedding inside the barn. Check out the pictures for more information!

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