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Organic-fed Beef is Available!

We currently have the beef cattle our on pasture and they are growing fast. We are proud to say that all of our beef cattle have been born and raised on our farm. We know exactly what each cow consumes and also how it has been raised for its' entire life. This is something that sets our farm apart from many others. We are currently caught up with the ordering list so call now to order a part or whole beef for this summer! Beef can be bought in whole, halves, quarters, and eighths portions. Each portion is that division of the entire beef, meaning that you get various cuts from throughout. We charge $1.75 per pound live weight and processing fees are extra. Call 419-683-3961 between 9am-5pm to order your organic-fed, locally raised beef. Here is a few pictures giving extra details about our organic-fed beef.

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Your stop for organic meat products in North Central Ohio

Call 9am-5pm to arrange a time for meat pick-up


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