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Farm Update: Crops growing, grills sizzling, and mouths watering! FREE FOOD JULY 9th

It has been awhile since our last post and we have a lot to update you all on!

First, we finally finished up planting a little while back. The recent rains have really helped supply the crops and enable them to grow. Check out the photos below to see our farmers checking their crops:).

Next, the fourth of July is already next weekend! Make sure you have the organic-fed, locally raised, delicious meats for your gatherings! Going away? Our frozen meats are great for throwing in a cooler with some ice packs and heading to the lake or other destinations! We will have all of our products available today(6/25) and next Saturday(7/2) at the Bucyrus market as well as Tuesday(6/28) at the Crestline market. Hotdogs, pork and chicken bratwurst, beef burgers, sausage patties, and chicken wings to name a few!

Lastly and most importantly....we will be having our first ever "Free Sample Day" at the Bucyrus farmer's market on July 9th from 830am-12 noon. We will have our products cooked, cut up, and warming in crockpots for sampling(quantities may be limited). We will do our best to have enough to last throughout the market, but we suggest getting there early to ensure that you can taste the difference of our local organic-fed meats! We will have all of our usual products for sale as well. The Bucyrus market is located at 1695 E. Mansfield Street; in the Wire Technologies Parking Lot in Bucyrus. This is across the way from Autozone. Thank you all for your support of our local, organic, family farm! Have a wonderful weekend!

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