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"Oink Oink" Paynter's Pigs Update!

It has been awhile since we have posted about the pigs. We have had some breeding issues that have limited our pork supply so far. However, just this past month we had some baby pigs born. (Below are some pictures of the baby pigs.) They are all looking healthy and happy. The pigs live active, healthy lives and typically grow to over 200 pounds before going to market. Our pigs are fed high quality feed that is mixed on our farm with our corn and with certified organic soybean meal and mineral mix that we buy. They are bedded down with our hay and straw that they also like to sort through and nibble on. All of our pigs have access to the outdoors, the sunshine, and fresh air. We are looking forward to certifying the pork organic soon, as we are just waiting on some paperwork right now. In the future we may offer bacon, pork chops, or other cuts of pork. Stay tuned as we will have a post later this summer asking everyone for what they would most like us to offer as "new products".

***Don't forget that our first ever Free Sample Day is this Saturday, July 9th, at the Bucyrus Farmer's Market from 8:30am-noon. Get there near the beginning to try some of our pork products!

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