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July Farm Update from Paynter Family Organic Farm

As the summer continues, the heat just keeps on rising! There hasn't been a whole lot going on, but here is a short update.

Our first ever free sample day in early July was a success! We thank everyone for coming out to try the various products we offer. It seemed like the classic half beef/half pork hotdogs were the most liked, followed closely by the chicken bratwurst. If you haven't had these, I highly suggest buying a package at the market and trying them out for yourself! The hotdogs are way better than any store bought kind:)

We have been continuing to harvest round bales of hay for the cattle during the winter months and for bedding during the summer months. You have probably seen fields around with these large round bales in them. The next step is to load them up on a long trailer, haul them back to our barns, and row them up until they are needed this winter.

We also did a little bit of square baling this year. There are pictures below of the straw we baled to help bed down our smaller animals.

Our youngest daughter just finished her last year at the Crawford County Fair. She was our fifth child to go through the awesome 4H program. This year she began to have trouble with the store bought feed we traditionally use for the 4H animals, so we decided to feed her turkeys the home ground organic feed we use for our certified organic chickens. Her turkeys were some of the largest we have ever had. She did a great job raising them and showing them at the fair!

The pigs continue to grow and grow and grow. The little pigs have been escaping from their pen with mom to visit the bigger pigs and eat some of their ground feed.

The cows are hoping for the rain just as much as we are. The pastures are beginning to die due to the lack of rain. We continue to hope and pray for rain to nourish the gardens, crops, and pastures.

The last batch of chickens is now 6 weeks old. You can pre-order your whole chickens now either at the markets or by calling 419-683-3961. They will be available for pickup at our farm on Wednesday August 17th from 6:30-7:30 PM. Certified organic chicken products will continue to be available at the markets.

Thank you all for your continued support of Paynter Family Organic Farm! Enjoy the rest of summer!

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