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Where has the time gone?

October 8th...It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for optimal weather to plant the fields and get the animals out for the summer. Now the days are shorter and the crops are almost ready! Additionally, the farmer's market season is wrapping up as the cold winter awaits. A few quick updates from our farm

Thank you to everyone who has come out to the markets and visited us this year. We appreciate your support of our family business and we take pride in providing you with the highest quality, organic meats in the area. Don't forget to come out and stock up on meats for the long winter before the market season ceases at the end of October.

Are you satisfied with the selection that we offer? We will be putting out a customer survey sometime this month and would greatly appreciate your input!

The animals are doing great, the baby pigs are loving the weather and running around all day. The cows continue to grow and mature as well. We do not have any more live chickens for this year, but we still have chicken products available. Let us know if you are interested in a whole chicken, as we still have a limited number in the storage freezer.

**We decided not to do Thanksgiving turkeys this year. Turkeys take between 12-16 weeks to fully mature to "Thanksgiving feast worthy" size. This means we have to get the hatched poults in late July. However, we did not have enough interest by that time to get any this year. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that next year we can raise them again. Also, shout out to our middle daughter Rebekah for taking over the poultry operation this year. Our son Adam previously raised the chickens and turkeys but went to grad school this year and was unable to so Rebekah stepped up and did a phenomenal job! Just another example of how a family farm operates for the good of the family to provide the best product possible!

We appreciate your support of our family farm!

-Paynter Family Organic Farm

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