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November Farm Update

First, thank you all for your support of our farm during the farmer's markets this season. This was our second year at the Crestline and Bucyrus markets. We met a lot of new customers this year and also reunited with a lot of great friends from last year. We would like to thank everyone that was involved with the planning and execution of the markets this season, as well as all of the other vendors who made the Tuesdays and Saturdays worth every minute of it. We are NOT doing winter hours this year, but if you have a bulk order or just need some meat for a family gathering give us a call during normal hours and we can try to figure something out.

Please take a few minutes to fill out our 5 question survey for next year. It is located on our home page of the website. This will help us prepare for next year and decide which "New" products to offer. We have had a few responses but I would like to wait for a few more before making decisions.

As stated earlier this year, we did not raise organic turkeys for Thanksgiving this year due to limited interest shown in July when we needed to get them. Perhaps next year we will try again. We DO have a few certified organic chickens left from the batch in August. They are all around 6 pounds each and can be bought as whole or cut-up. We often get the comment that the chickens are "like a small turkey" so if interested let us know and we can schedule a pickup time soon.

The pigs are will soon be CERTIFIED ORGANIC. We are just waiting on the paperwork back from the inspector, which normally takes a little while. We now have a registered spot boar as well as registered spot sows that are purebreds. We have had a great year breeding the pigs and are looking forward to having pork year round.

The cows are doing great as well! They are all enjoying this warm November weather that has permitted new growth in the pasture for them to munch on. We joke that the pasture grass has been greener this fall than some summers.

We recently finished harvesting the crops. Now we are making the final preparations for the winter months. We also tried out some new cover crops this fall. Our son Aaron is a seed dealer and was able to get us a cover crop mix of tillage radishes and oats. It has grown very well during this warm fall.Check out the pictures below.

Don't forget to check out our photo galleries and videos from this month below!

Thanks again for your support of our family farm. We take pride in providing our family, friends, and supporters with the highest quality organic products in the area. From all of us here at Paynter Family Organic Farm.....Have a great winter, stay safe, and God Bless!

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