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Interested in Canning Meats for quick and Easy Organic Meals in Minutes?

Freezers full but still want to have organic meat year-round? Hate the thawing process and planning when to get meats out of the freezer? Maybe you should consider canning some of our organic meats. With our big family and freezers constantly full of meats, Kathy likes to use her pressure cooker to can meats. There are many steps involved but overall it isn’t too difficult, you just have to be certain that the proper steps are followed and that the jars seal to prevent from food-borne illnesses that can otherwise occur. The following is a small sample of what canning is all about.

DISCLAIMER: This is not all of the steps and these are not directions on how to can, just simply some pictures and text about how we can to maximize our freezer space. Hope this sparks some interest in canning, a way of preserving food that was used by almost everyone years ago.

Most recently, Kathy and Adam canned chicken and turkey. First, you have to thaw the meat safely. This is best done over many days in the refrigerator. After thawed, the meat needs to be partially cooked. We canned 4 turkeys and a large chicken so we used the oven, roasters, and Crockpots to conquer this step. After the meat is partially cooked (it fully cooks in the jars during the 75 minute pressure cooking time), it can be de-boned and put in clean jars. Next we added a bit of canning salt and filled the jars with broth. Finally, sealing lids and tops are added and screwed on tight. The jars are placed in the pressure cooker and the directions are followed until the jars are sealed and removed from the cooker. This step can be dangerous if the directions are not followed so we strictly advise to follow the directions of your pressure cooker. Hungry? Pop over a jar and pour the contents in a saucepan…heat up to desired temperature, add sauce or seasonings and ENJOY!

Below are some pictures of the process. There is also a photo album on our facebook page titled "Canning Meats" where you can see the pictures with text captions on each.

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